BCU Level 2 Coach Assessment

The BCU Level 2 Coach is able to plan, deliver and review
progressive sessions safely and effectively. Like the Level 1 Coach, this non-discipline-specific qualification is relevant to coaches who want to coach any paddlesport discipline. You can choose canoe and/or kayak endorsements at assessment.

BCU Level 2 Coaches will work with any paddlers, predominately in their first three years of paddling activity. The BCU Level 2 Coach can work without supervision and is able to offer guidance and
support to the Level 1 Coach.

Please refer to our BCU Level 2 Coach training page for further
information about the training course experience.

Between BCU Level 2 Coach training and assessment you will need to work through the ‘Candidate Portfolio’. This aims to develop learning and knowledge across the range of Level 2 Coach
competencies. This portfolio is made up of four assessed tasks:

1. Workbook
2. Assessment prerequisites
3. Coaching Case Study
4. Feedback and Review

The BCU Level 2 Coach assessment will also include these final
practical tasks:

5. Rescue Skills
6. Personal Skills
7. Practical Coaching

The assessment duration is one (1) day.

The BCU Level 2 Coach Course Guide provides detailed information about the candidate’s journey from training to assessment –
download here.

Other useful download links:
BCU Level 2 Coach Workbook
BCU Level 2 Coach Candidate Portfolio

Sample Session Plan
Sample BCU Level 2 Coach Assessment Plan

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