BCU Level 2 Coach Training

If you plan to attend a BCU level 2 coach training course, this information should help you with your preparations. All links are to the most recent BCU documents (Feb 2014).

We have outlined useful preparations in a series of steps. It is important to prepare as well as possible – this will enhance your experience on the training course and will speed your journey to a successful BCU level 2 coach assessment.

Here’s the first step that you should take – so let’s get started:

Step 1:

Review your progress since completing the BCU level 1 coach award and ask the following questions:

How has my personal paddling experience developed since qualifying? What time have I spent in different craft (canoe & kayak) and what improvements in skill level have I achieved?

Top Tip: BCU level 2 coaches should be able to deliver training sessions to the the level of the BCU 2 Star award (including both canoe and kayak skills). Ability to paddle both types of craft effectively, at the time you attend the level 2 coach training course, will be of great benefit to you.

Since 2014, it is possible to attend a level 2 coach single-discipline assessment (canoe or kayak). Level 2 coach training courses remain multi-discipline.

Remember that you will not only need to gain the BCU 3 Star award in one discipline (canoe or kayak) before registering for level 2 coach training. You will also need to perform competently in a wide range of craft at the time of the level 2 coach assessment. An ability at or around 3 Star standard in more than one discipline will help you a great deal during the level 2 coach training course.

Also, consider the quantity and quality of coaching experience gained since completing the BCU level 1 coach award. Have you completed a minimum of 50 coaching hours? Has this experience included a variety of boat types? Have your coaching sessions allowed you to develop the principles learned on the level 1 coach course? The level 2 coach training course will focus on coaching strategies for skill development and will demand a good awareness of the techniques outlined in the level 1 coach course.

Finally, check that you have the relevant prerequisites to attend the BCU level 2 coach training course. Got all that? You’re ready to register for the course and move on to the next steps…

Step 2:

You will need to register for the BCU Level 2 Coach training course before attending – unlike the BCU Level 1 Coach course, when you may have completed the registration process during the course.

For your attendance on a Level 2 Coach training course to be recognised by the BCU, you must register in advance. To do this, you must send a completed BCU CR Form with: evidence of prerequisites (BCU Level 1 Coach, BCU 2 Star, FSRT, BCU membership).


BCU Coaching Qualifications Registration Guidance

BCU CR Sample Form

BCU CR Form Additional Guidance

Remember also that there are additional prerequisites for a future BCU Level 2 Coach assessment. These will be explained during the training course, and are also summarised below. You will need to hold a BCU 3 Star award in each discipline you wish to be assessed and 16-hour 1st Aid certificate before assessment.

In summary – register with the BCU NOW!

Step 3:

The following link is to the BCU level 2 coach training pre-course benchmarking tasks. You can download them here. Work through them, make an assessment of your current strengths and weaknesses and consider what areas of the training course will be most important/useful to you in your preparations for a future BCU level 2 coach assessment.

Top Tip: It’s not important at this stage to be strong in all areas of the level 2 coach award – that’s what the training course and post-training experience are for! It is important that you honestly consider which areas will need attention. This process of reflection and goal setting is a vital skill for all coaches.

Step 4:

Read the following document – it is an important guideline for the course you are about to attend.

BCU Level 2 Certificate in Coaching Paddlesport Course Guide

Top Tip: Don’t be put off by all this paperwork – the course will be practical, outdoor and stimulating!

Step 5:

The British Canoe Union Paddlesport Coaching Scheme embraces the principles of ‘Long Term Paddler Development’. These principles are introduced in the document here – it is very helpful to further develop your understanding of these principles prior to the BCU level 2 coach training course.

BCU Long Term Paddler Development Book

Prior to a BCU level 2 coach assessment you will need to complete the BCU LTPD test: http://bcucoaching.org.uk/ It is not necessary to complete this test before attending the level 2 coach training  course but must be completed prior to the BCU level 2 coach assessment.

Top Tip: The language used in the LTPD document may be unfamiliar, but the principles are compatible with good coaching practice. The training course will reinforce the content of this document.

Step 6:

Child Protection is an important concern for all paddlesport coaches and the BCU requires that all qualified coaches undertake a CRB check coupled with appropriate training. For BCU level 1 & 2 coaches, the Online Child Protection Course is currently required. It is not necessary to complete this course before attending the BCU level 2 coach training course, but you must complete it before assessment.

You can download the BCU Child Protection Policy here. This document contains useful information that may be discussed in greater detail on the BCU level 2 coach training course.

You can also access many more child protection resources here.

The BCU is committed to equality and inclusiveness in its coaching activities and expects qualified coaches to be aware of their responsibilities in this respect. The following documents provide helpful advice and information, which can be explored further during the course.

BCU Equality Policy

BCU Equality Promotion & Induction Info

UK Sports Coach Guide to Inclusive Coaching

UK Sports Coach Disability Advice

Step 6:

The following documents will be needed during the BCU level 2 coach training course. It is a good idea to download and study them before the start of the course.

BCU Level 2 Coach Training Course Reflection Sheets

BCU Level 2 Coach Post-Training Candidate Action Plan

BCU Level 2 Coach Training Candidate Feedback Form

Top Tip: It may seem that there is a great deal of paperwork associated with the BCU Level 2 Coach Training course. Don’t despair! The course itself will be practical, boat-based and will focus on practical coaching strategies for real-world situations.

Do please work through the information and tasks outlined above – it will help enormously during the course and will enable us to spend far more time on the water…

Download BCU Level 2 Coach Training outline program