Anglesey Rough Water Adventure Week

When: various dates in 2018

Where: Anglesey, North Wales
Coach: Nick Cunliffe

What: tide race skills training – boat handling, surfing, planning,
safety, adventure & fun!

Level: BCU 4 Star skill level +
Duration: 5 full paddling days

Maximum ratio: 4 students: 1 coach/leader
Cost: £350

What’s it all about?
The aim of this sea kayaking adventure week is to experience the best Anglesey rough water paddling – with dedicated coaching to bring out the best of your paddling skills.

We’ll develop rough water confidence, surfing skills, tactics and psychological strategies. We’ll also help you to develop independence in rough water paddling environments – planning, decision making, group management and safety / rescue skills.


The strong tidal streams of the Anglesey coastline increase the planning and leadership considerations, offer more challenging conditions and will enhance the sea kayaking experience. In many ways it’s also an ideal course to develop skills and experience for self-led trips on the UK’s challenging coastlines.

Surfing the tide race at North Stack Anglesey
Surfing the tide race at North Stack Anglesey

When do we start/end?
We will spend five full days on the water, from Wednesday 17 May. We recommend that you arrive in the area during the previous day, to prepare kit and to be ready for a prompt start the following day.

How many people will there be in the group?
The lead coach will be Nick Cunliffe. Maximum student:coach ratio will be 4:1 to make the most of training opportunities in the week.

Where will we meet?
Anglesey Outdoors, unless otherwise agreed in advance.

If you plan to stay elsewhere in the Anglesey area, that’s fine too.

Can I rent a kayak?
Yes you can. We offer sea kayak rental, subject to availability, at £100 for the 5-day course – to include paddle, spraydeck and buoyancy aid, if needed. We may also be able to provide other items of sea kayaking equipment – please contact us to discuss your requirements.

How do I get there?
Private or public transport: there are excellent roads to Anglesey from England. There is also a mainline rail connection with Holyhead, and a ferry route from Dublin.

What’s the cost?
The cost of the course is £350, which includes all guiding and coaching for five full sea kayaking days on the Anglesey coastline.

How do I book?
Simply download our Kayak Essentials Booking Form here:
Or contact us at:

Our Anglesey Rough Water Week promises to be an enjoyable, challenging, excellent week of training – in a fantastic sea kayaking environment. Come and join us!

falls of lora, west coast of scotland

falls of lora, west coast of scotland