Foundation Modules

The BCU Foundation Modules are available to support coaches’ development and knowledge in specialist areas. There are no prerequisites to any of the modules; they are open to anyone interested in the topic areas, although they are targeted at coaches. Most of the modules are 3 hours in length.

We can provide the following foundation modules.


This 3‐hour practical workshop has been developed for paddling or non‐paddling coaches working with paddlers in their first few years of paddling activity. The workshop can be tailored to suit coaches from Level 1 through to Level 5 from any discipline.


This module is designed to introduce competition and recreational coaches to the key concepts of fitness – training, nutrition and physiology. It is intended as a standalone module such that paddlers and coaches can attend with no prior knowledge of sports science should be able to attend and access all the delivered material.


What is coaching in the outdoors? Many definitions exist but general agreement within research and literature suggests that outdoor education is:

• Education in the outdoors

• The use of resources outdoors to meet educational goals

This module is designed to introduce Paddlesport coaches to the key concepts of coaching in the outdoors.

Minimum numbers for each course are 4 and max numbers are 20. Please contact us if you are interested.