Swellies Extreme Race

In Anglesey’s Menai Strait, the Swellies is a notorious place of powerful tidal streams, surging waves and boiling eddy lines. Where better to host a world-first event? The Swellies-Extreme sea kayak slalom race race! Kayak Essentials was proud to host the inaugural event on 29 October 2011. The event featured two races:

First, the Blue Riband event: Swellies-Extreme Sea Kayak Slalom Time Trial, a downstream blast from Menai Bridge to Britannia Bridge – separated by one nautical mile but on race day requiring four crossings of the Menai Strait, negotiating over 20 eddy lines and visiting some of the most powerful tidal waters in Wales. The winner was truly worthy of the title ‘Swellies-Extreme Champion’!

Second, the Downstream Madness – a mass-start event, where competitors needed fitness, courage and a steely determination to win!

A big thank you to all the participants in this years swellies extreme sea kayak race. We were very pleased with the turnout of racers and the effort they made given the horrible weather conditions. The race received rave reviews and will now become an annual event. Look out for some articles about the race in the magazines.

Photos from the day can be seen here.

Below are the results of the two races: first the Time Trial; and second the Mass Start.

Position Name Time (Mins)
1 John Willacy 13.16
2 Aled Williams 14.52
3 Nick Cunliffe 15.09
4 Barry Shaw 16.14
5 Adam Harmer 16.42
6 Sid Sinfield 17.21
7 Alistar Randall 17.22
8 Aled Edwards 17.29
9 Kate Duffus 17.49
10 Ali Othen 18.01
11 Chris Wright 18.04
12 Gethin Roberts 19.34
13 Axel Schoevers 20.04
14 Di Lee & Peter Glyn Firth (Double) 20.32
15 David Hollins 21.58
16 Mark Tozer 22.07

Mass start.


Position Name Time (Mins)
1 John Willacy 13.43
2 Aled Williams 15.09
3 Nick Cunliffe 16.08
4 Barry Shaw 16.31
5 Adam Harmer 16.54
6 Chris Wright 17.21
7 Alistar Randall 17.22
8 Justine Curgenven 17.37
9 Kate Duffus 17.39
10 Aled Edwards 17.50
11 Sid Sinfield 18.16
12 Ali Othen 18.25
13 Gethin Roberts 18.56


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