Learning Essentials Weekend

Our Learning & Coaching Essentials Weekend marks a brief departure from our ever-popular skills coaching events. This is a special opportunity to spend two days exploring the learning process that affects our development as paddlers.

2-3 June 2018
£180, to include 2 nights’ self-catering accommodation at Anglesey Outdoors

We’ll focus on self-coaching, empowerment, mastery focus, freedom from constraints, motivational factors, psychological skills and goal-based activity.

Come spend a weekend immersed in the learning process! Become your own highly-effective coach, gain independence and autonomy in your own development.

This fantastic weekend is aimed at any intermediate (‘between levels’) sea kayaker, who aspires to enhance their skills and confidence – learn to leverage your experience for maximum results.

As organising coaches, Matt and I aim to make ourselves redundant! – we’ll help you to enhance your ability to accelerate your own development.

The weekend is available to only ten participants, at an introductory fee of £180, to include 2 nights self-catering accommodation at Anglesey Outdoors.

Contact us directly for further information at: info@kayakessentials.co.uk

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