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Full DVD

This is the full Digital Download of the entire Sea Kayak Essentials Vol1 DVD. It has a selectable chapter menu for quick navigation.
£1.00 7.57 Mins


The kayaking fundamentals of posture, connectivity, feel and power transfer are presented in this chapter but should be considered when watching all of our other chapters. As the name implies, these fundamentals underpin all elements of our paddling performance.
£1.00 3.43 Mins

 Boat Awareness

This chapter aims to provide paddlers with a series of simple exercises that attune them to the way their chosen kayak moves through the water in different situations.
£1.20 9.28 Mins

 Core Skills : Turning

This chapter, combined with Turning in Wind and Waves, addresses the challenge that all sea kayakers face: to effectively turn a 16-18ft sea kayak in a variety of conditions – quickly, accurately, consistently. One key component of effective turning skills is the changing of the kayak’s hull shape in the water to achieve greater maneuverability and faster, more economical turns.
£1.20 6.23 Mins

Core Skills: Forward Paddling

Effective forward paddling is a challenging skill to develop, can take a lifetime to master, and often polarizes opinion among paddlers! In the DVD we present a high-angle style that effectively propels the kayak through the water in all conditions.
£1.20 6.30 Mins

Core Skills: Balancing

This chapter deals with the practice of changing the kayak’s hull shape in the water, adjusting its trim. It’s one of the 5 Essentials and a vital component of effective paddling in more challenging conditions. It’s also a skill that many sea kayakers can improve and develop to enhance their performance.
£1.00 4.12 Mins

 Using the skeg

This chapter aims to unravel the mysteries of skeg use – it introduces key principles and suggests positions for effective skeg use in varying conditions. It’s impossible to precisely answer the question “How much skeg do I need” as different boat designs, sea conditions, course headings and other factors will affect the answer – however, the principles introduced here are sound, technically correct and make good starting points for further experimentation.
£1.20 5.53 Mins

Turning in wind and waves 

This chapter combines the techniques introduced in the DVD chapters Core Skills: Turning, Balancing and Forward Paddling and also builds on principles introduced in 5 Essentials and Boat Awareness. It’s important to remember that there are several turning techniques commonly used in sea kayaks (as introduced in core skills) and that all of them can be used in wind and waves.
£1.00 6.27 Mins

Open water forward paddling

Moving the sea kayak effectively in open water conditions is central to the sea kayaking experience. More than most chapters, this section seeks to combine the foundations covered in the Core Skills chapters. The essence of effective forward paddling is to maintain a balanced, relaxed position over the sea kayak as it cuts effectively through wind and waves.
£1.00 5.42 Mins

 Rock hopping

Rock hopping is an exciting, dynamic and fun way to develop sea kayak boat handling skills! This chapter is filmed in a variety of locations: South Stack Gully, Castell Helen at South Stack Wen Zawn in Gogarth Bay and Trearddur Bay on Anglesey. The skills demonstrated in this section emphasise the application of techniques introduced in earlier sections of the DVD, especially Core Skills and Turning in Wind and Waves. There is also the application of basic surfing skills.
£1.50 15.18 Mins

Moving water skills 

This DVD chapter provides a technical breakdown of the key elements of moving water skills: crossing eddy lines, into and out of areas of fast water, crossing between eddies and surfing small waves.
£1.50 8.47 Mins

 Tide race skills

This chapter demonstrates the techniques and chapters required to paddle accurately and effectively in a tide race environment.
£1.20 6.35 Mins

Surf launching and landing 

The chapter provides a series of exercises that help to develop rough water confidence in this environment.
£1.50 11.37 Mins

 Surfing skills

This chapter combines two areas of sea kayak surfing, ocean waves and tide races it clearly demonstrates the most effective way to get the most out of your boat and time at these types of venues. The ocean waves section was filmed at Hell’s Mouth on the Llyn Peninsula in North Wales and the tide race section at the falls of lora north of Oban on the West coast of Scotland. It is the footage of nick which was filmed for the very popular “This is the sea 3” by Cackle TV