Essential Weekends 2020

Great sea kayak coaching, the fantastic Anglesey coastline, a positive learning environment & plenty of fun –
join our next Essential sea kayak coaching weekend! 
The next event dates are:

22-23 February 2020 – Essential Frostbite Adventure Weekend

24-26 April 2020 – Spring Essentials Sea Kayak Coaching Weekend

5-7 June 2020 – Essential Women’s Sea Kayak Coaching Weekend

4-6 September 2020 – Essential Sea Kayak Coaching Festival

What’s it all about?
High-quality sea kayak coaching weekends –
fantastic venues, great coaches, a wonderful base and welcoming atmosphere.

A maximum of six paddlers per group, maximum of six groups per day – the coaching experience of a dedicated course, combined with the atmosphere of a larger event. In 2020, our weekends will be better than ever!

22-23 February 2020:
Join us for our Essential ‘Frostbite’ Adventure Weekend!
We’ll get afloat to celebrate the joys of winter Anglesey sea kayaking. We’ll make the most of the conditions,
enjoy great fun afloat and develop some dynamic water skills – in a relaxed learning environment!

24-26 April 2020:
Tune up for the season with our Spring Essentials Sea Kayak Coaching Weekend!

In fantastic venues and with great company, join our excellent coaches in developing your personal skills,
in dynamic water – at your chosen level.

5-7 June 2020:
Essential Women’s Sea Kayak Coaching Weekend
We are excited to offer our second essential sea kayak coaching weekend, exclusively for female sea kayakers.

We’re combining all the fun, adventure and learning of our popular coaching weekends – with some the UK’s
most talented, motivated and experienced female sea kayak coaches.

Come develop your dynamic water skills on Anglesey’s fantastic coastline, in a single-gender learning environment.

4-6 September 2020:
The Essential Sea Kayak Coaching Festival is back!
Once again, we will limit group sizes to maximise safety, enjoyment and learning.

We organise compatible groups, agree objectives, and create a series of progressive coaching days to meet your goals.
We’ll make best use of conditions and will match them to your aims and experience.
Join us for a great coaching experience – choose your level and we’ll take care of the rest!

If you’re looking to enjoy a productive coaching experience in supportive atmosphere – with great social  evenings – these are the weekends for you!