Foundation Skills for Dynamic Water

This workshop takes a fresh look at core skills for relaxed and
efficient performance in challenging waters – simplifying the subtle art of moving a sea kayak through wind, waves, current and swell.

Based on relatively simple water, we explore key components of
efficient sea kayaking in all conditions, changing performance and developing an approach to sea kayaking that will help to achieve real change in paddling confidence and ability.

Workshop sessions will include:

  • Balance – relaxed efficiency in all conditions, dynamic posture / body position
  • Forward paddling – applications for open water, surf, currents, wind & waves
  • Manoeuvring – turning in wind & waves, working with the elements
  • Body / Boat / Blade awareness & efficiency
  • Posture – Connections – Power Transfer

We will also focus on strategies for developing skills between coaching sessions – independent learning.

This workshop is an excellent choice for BC 3-4 Star sea kayakers, and any paddlers seeking greater confidence in more challenging waters. It’s also useful for coaches wishing to develop their technical understanding of sea kayak boat handling skills.

For more detailed information, download this outline program
Foundation Skills for Dynamic Water