Kayak Essentials DVD


Filmed and produced in 2008/9, Kayak Essentials DVD introduces the foundation kayaking skills that underpin more advanced performance in rough water. Aimed at newcomers to the sport and intermediate paddlers, the combination of flat water skills and white water, surf and sea kayak applications provides clear links between key fundamentals (posture, connections between boat, body and blade) and effective paddling skills in more challenging environments.
Kayak Essentials offers 95 minutes of action, analysis, coaching tips, progressions and challenges. 14 chapters focus on core paddling skills, filmed in a wide variety of flat water, white water, sea surf venues. White water kayaks and sea kayaks feature throughout.Core skills such as forward paddling, reverse paddling, moving sideways, edging and balancing, bracing, steering and moving sideways are analysed and explained, with clear demonstrations, key points and coaching progressions are provided to help improving paddlers make best use of the wealth of information.

Additional chapters include the fundamentals of effective kayaking, stroke linking and advice on making the best use of the vast amount of coaching material.

Kayak Essentials is an excellent resource for any paddler seeking to develop their flat water skills – newcomers and improving paddlers will particularly benefit from the drills, training exercises and challenges presented. These solid foundations will make the progression from flat water to moving water, sea and surf far easier and more effective.

Coaches working with beginners and intermediate paddlers can also benefit from the demonstrations and coaching progressions presented in the DVD.

We are no longer selling Kayak Essentials in DVD format. However it can be bought as a digital download by clicking here.

But don’t just take our word for it…

“I popped the DVD in and am impressed and thrilled with it. 
You’ve done a top notch job in all aspects – filming, describing, explaining –
I particularly liked the various suggested exercises as well as the spots on linking strokes. I look forward to sitting down and really going through the dvd and picking various components to go through in greater detail.”
Sergio, Canada

“I just received a copy of your DVD Kayak Essentials and would just like to thank you on the excellent product. I cannot wait to get on the water and practice some of the techniques you presented in the DVD, very good work.”
Andy, UK

“This DVD is highly recommended to every kayaker that wants to invest in improving their skills.
For kayak-coaches it’s essential: a “must have” to expand the coaching toolbox!”

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This DVD is in PAL format only.