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Here’s how to manage access to your Kayak Essentials Members’ Area

  • how to join our ‘Essential Membership’ group
  • how to manage your Membership account
  • how to cancel your subscription
  • how to gain limited free access to our Members’ Area

Nick is no longer directly involved in the Essential Membership project – for all inquiries please contact Matt at: 

Download ‘KE Members – Managing your Account’ PDF

We’re delighted that you’ve joined, or are planning to join, our Kayak Essentials Members’ Area.
We began this project in 2020 and are busy creating information resources for paddlers, coaches, leaders and guides.

We produce videos, podcasts, articles, presentations and discussions covering a wide range of topics –
coaching issues, leadership skills, planning / navigation tools, and boat handling skills.

Some resources are freely available – many others can only be accessed via our Kayak Essentials Members’ Area.
The monthly cost is only £3.60 – you get 5 free days, after which you’ll only pay for as long as you wish to remain.

How to join:
To join our Kayak Essentials Members’ Area, simply go to our webpage:
– at the bottom of this webpage you’ll find the link to set up your subscription:

Follow this link to choose your email address, password, and to add your credit card details for monthly subscriptions.
You’ll enjoy 5 free membership days, after which you’ll make your first monthly payment.
You can cancel your subscription at any time.

To log in, just follow this link to our ‘log in’ webpage:

How to manage your account:
You can manage your account via the following link:

This webpage gives you access to your member profile, subscriptions and payments.
You can change your email address, password and credit card details.
You can also cancel your subscription at any time.

Account Tabs:
The Subscriptions Tab lets you update your credit card details or cancel your subscription.
The Payments Tab provides a record of your current payments to date.
The Forum Profile Tab allows you to change your name, email address and password.

Free Access to the Kayak Essentials Members’ Area:
All new members get 5 free days of membership before the first monthly subscription.

If you have completed a Kayak Essentials coaching course with us in 2019 / 20, please contact us for 30 cost-free days of access to our Kayak Essentials Members’ Area.  

All our 2021 coaching course clients will also receive this subscription-free month.
If you have any questions about the Kayak Essentials Members’ Area, please contact us at:

Download ‘KE Members – Managing your Account’ PDF