Tide Race & Surf

Tide Race Skills – Penrhyn Mawr, Anglesey
A quiet day, a neap tide with a slight underlying swell – great conditions for developing tide race skills and confidence.

Surfing Skills – Hell’s Mouth, North Wales
A windless late summer day with a rare long-period swell from a distant hurricane – beautifully clean, powerful waves.

Tide Race Skills – Falls of Lora, west coast Scotland
A huge spring tide, maximum ebb stream under Connel Bridge – an amazing top wave, challenging water downstream.

Tide Race Skills – Skookumchuck, British Columbia
The last hour (approx. 8 knots) of a big spring tide – relatively mellow surfing after the turmoil of max-flood.

Tide Race Skills – Okisollo, British Columbia
A remarkably clean surfable wave, challenging to catch and perfect to ride – one of the best locations I’ve encountered.