Personal Skills Coaching

Personal Skills Coaching
Whatever your aims, we’ll work with you to achieve them. From a half-day tune up to an adventure coaching week; from an intensive development program to a long-term mentoring relationship: we can organise a coaching experience to meet your needs and goals.

For personal coaching, there are no fixed programmes – the content of each course will be based on your experience, aims and time available. Get in touch to discuss your plans and we’ll work out a program best suited to you.

Personal Coaching Fees
1:1 –   £180
1:2 –   £210
1:3 –   £240
1:4 –   £280

Sea Kayak Coaching
We can provide sea kayaking skills coaching for all levels of ability and experience – whatever your goals, we can help to make the difference. In recent years, our dedicated skills coaching courses have included:

  • Introduction to sea kayaking
  • Development of open water sea kayaking skills
  • Rough water skill development – tide race skills, surf zones, rock gardens
  • Expedition preparation – developing independence, planning skills, safety / rescue skills
  • Rolling skills for dynamic water
  • Forward paddling skill development
  • Leader / coach development – group management, problem-solving, navigation

We’re happy to tailor coaching sessions to meet your aims, experience and learning preferences.

Sea Kayaking Courses – Essential Info (PDF download)

White Water Kayak Coaching
We have a wealth of experience in white water kayak coaching / guiding in the UK, the European Alps and beyond.
Nick and Matt both hold the advanced white water kayak leader award, with extensive class III-IV coaching experience.

We find that many paddlers are limited in their development by foundation skills problems on simpler class II-III water.
We offer focused coaching sessions to unlock your potential, and to create confident paddling skills on harder water.

Open Canoe Coaching
Matt also has great experience of coaching open canoe skills, on moderate open water and class II white water rivers.
If you want dedicated coaching to gain real progress in your solo or tandem open canoeing skills, contact us to discuss your goals.