Rough Water Skills – Anglesey Adventure

Tide race skills training, paddling in stronger winds & breaking waves, surf zone skills, rock garden adventures –
boat handling, planning skills, rough water safety, adventure & fun!

Venue: Anglesey North Wales
Duration: 5 days
Coach: Student ratio: 1: 4
Course Fee: £360

2021 Course Dates: TBC



This course is ideal for paddlers confident in moderate water, with rolling ability and a desire to develop rough water skills. This training / adventure week is ideal for paddlers seeking exposure to Anglesey’s famously challenging conditions.

There are no formal British Canoeing aims during this course, although the skills and experience gained are useful for anyone preparing for the advanced sea kayak leader award. If you wish, you can arrange an assessment of the BC Coastal Sea Kayak or Advanced Sea Kayak award during the course.

Intro to Dynamic Water or Rough Water Skills – what’s the difference?
Our Introduction to Dynamic Water course is aimed at sea kayakers who want to experience a safe, enjoyable coaching week, where we focus on gaining new skills in moderately challenging conditions.

Our Rough Water Skills courses aim to develop existing skills and confidence in moderate conditions, with an introduction to bigger water and more challenging situations.


More info:
The aim of this sea kayaking adventure week is to experience the best Anglesey rough water paddling –
with dedicated coaching to bring out the best of your paddling skills.

We’ll develop rough water confidence, surfing skills, tactics and psychological strategies.
We’ll also help you to develop independence in rough water paddling environments – planning, decision making, group management and safety / rescue skills.

The strong tidal streams of the Anglesey coastline increase the planning and leadership considerations,
offer more challenging conditions and will enhance the sea kayaking experience. In many ways it’s also an ideal course to develop skills and experience for self-led trips on the UK’s challenging coastlines.

We select weeks with varied tide race conditions around the Anglesey coastline – in light winds, many of the island’s headlands will create dynamic water playgrounds. On windy days there will be plenty of challenging sea conditions on exposed coastlines. In storm conditions, we can choose downwind runs in the Menai Strait and make us of the tidal white water rapids of the Swellies.

In all, there’s a great deal of adventure available, regardless of the weather!

Sea Kayaking Courses – Essential Info (PDF download)