British Canoeing Sea Kayak Award

The British Canoeing Sea Kayak Award (formerly known as the 3 Star award) is new for 2019.
It is an ideal course to develop coastal sea kayaking skills in light to moderate winds and tidal waters.

The course will include training and assessment for the British Canoeing Sea Kayak Award.

This course is ideal for paddlers wishing to gain further experience of coastal sea kayaking skills.
If you have a few days of sea kayak experience, are confident in coastal waters and light winds, and with a desire to develop your skills in wind, waves and tidal waters, this sea kayak development week will meet all your aims.

There’s no need to be able to roll to attend this course.
We will include coaching in balancing, bracing and rolling skills during the week.

Duration: 5 full paddling days
Maximum ratio: 6 students: 1 coach
Cost: £350
2019 dates: 19-23 August SPACES

What’s involved?
The course will focus on the following areas of skill development:

  • Boat handling skills in sea kayaks – development of forward paddling skills on open water,
    turning skills in wind and waves, downwind paddling skills, steering, balancing, bracing, and much more…
  • Application of skills in open water sea conditions, in rock gardens, in moving tidal water and
    in small breaking waves
  • Safe group sea kayaking strategies – including communication, route choice, positioning, avoiding problems
    and managing open water challenges
  • Safety & rescue techniques in coastal sea conditions – solving common problems
  • Coastal navigation skills – weather, tides, surf formation, planning skills, map /chart reading,
    using a compass, sources of information

Can I be assessed for the British Canoeing Sea Kayak award?
If you have sufficient experience of coastal sea kayaking before the course, and if you possess the necessary skills,
we will include an assessment for this award during the 5-day course.

We will always provide full coaching in all aspects of the Sea Kayak Award for all clients, and will give a clear action plan for developing any outstanding skills, in readiness for a future successful assessment.

Sea Kayaking Courses – Essential Info (PDF download)