Sea Kayak Essentials Vol. 1 DVD

Intermediate & Advanced Boat Handling Skills

Intro Chapter

5 Essentials Chapter

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Focusing on solid foundations for advanced performance, core skills chapters introduce the 5 essentials of boat speed, angle and trim; body position and stroke linking.  Additional chapters focus on forward paddling, balancing and turning, use of the skeg and boat awareness exercises.

Applied skills chapters include: open water forward paddling, moving water skills, tide race paddling, rock hopping and surfing skills. The DVD also includes tide race paddling skills from Cackle TV’s “This is the Sea 3”, plus superb footage of sea kayak surfing in the large clean waves of Hell’s Mouth, North Wales.

Sea Kayak Essentials is presented and performed by Nick Cunliffe, an active and experienced BCU level 5 sea kayak coach. For sea kayakers wishing to paddle comfortably in windy/rough conditions, learn moving water skills, develop tide race and surfing techniques – this DVD will help you to gain effective kayaking skills in all sea conditions.

With over 110 minutes of high quality footage in inspiring North Wales locations and expert instruction from one of the UK’s leading sea kayak coaches, Sea Kayak Essentials is a must-have resource for all sea kayakers. At £19.95, including free postage within the UK, it’s also excellent value for money!

Sea Kayak Essentials is also available in both PAL and NTSC formats. Distributors and retailers interested in DVD resale should contact us for further information.

Download Sea Kayak Essentials DVD Technical Notes (PDF)

Alternatively you can download the notes as an Apple iBook for iPad. This version includes sample clips from every chapter.

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“All paddlers who viewed Sea Kayak Essentials, agreed it was a must have DVD. I have been extremely impressed with not only the quality of the DVD in terms of both content and production, but also impressed with how accessible Nick and Matt have made some quite technical content.”

Ocean Paddler Magazine June 2011


Honourable Mention in the 2012 Film Festival