Sea Kayaking Courses

Dynamic Water vs Rough Water – what’s the difference?

Our Intro to Dynamic Water sea kayaking course is aimed at sea kayakers who wish to enjoy a progressive and supportive introduction to the dynamic coastal waters of Anglesey. If you’re seeking to develop greater confidence in conditions approaching 15kts winds, 2kts tidal streams and 1m waves, this course will introduce kayaking skills and tactics to build your confidence and experience.

To attend this course, it’s not necessary to be able to roll. We’ll help you to develop your skills and confidence in open sea conditions.

Our Dynamic Water Development course is ideal for sea kayakers who already have some experience in moderate water including 15kts winds, 2kts tidal streams and 1m waves. We’ll provide coaching in these conditions to enhance your skills and confidence, with a focus on tide races, surf zones and rock gardens. We’ll also help you to develop accuracy and control in wind and waves.

Rolling skills in moderate water are not essential to attend this course. However, you should already be comfortable balancing and manoeuvring in open sea conditions.

Our Rough Water Skills course is for established sea kayakers already comfortable in moderate dynamic water. We’ll provide excellent coaching in Anglesey’s advanced conditions – up to 20kts winds, 3kts+ tidal streams and 1.5m+ waves. We’ll focus on tide race skills and tactics, including ocean white water skills, catching waves and safety considerations. We’ll also develop surf zone moves, rock garden skills, and downwind action in stormy weather.

To attend this course, it’s highly desirable to have rolling skills and kayaking confidence in moderate dynamic water with a desire to encounter more challenging conditions.

You can also join our Dynamic Water / Rough Water Skills / Celtic Classics courses with Flow State Adventures.
This adventure kayaking program is Nick and Kelly’s new coaching project – check out our website for more info: