Skills Coaching

Personal Skills Coaching
Whatever your goals, we’ll work with you to achieve them. A single coaching day; a training week; an intensive development program; a long-term mentoring relationship – we can offer quality coaching to meet your needs.

For personal coaching, there are no fixed programs – course content is tailored to your experience, goals and time commitment. Get in touch to discuss your plans and we’ll work out a personal coaching plan.

Sea Kayak Coaching
We provide sea kayaking skills coaching for all ability levels & experience – whatever your goals, we will make the difference. Newcomer or expert, technical / tactical skills in all conditions – with us, you’ll transform your paddling.

White Water Kayak Coaching
We have a wealth of experience in white water kayak coaching / guiding in the UK.

We find that many paddlers are limited in their development by foundation skills problems on class II-III water.
We offer focused coaching sessions to unlock your potential, and to create confidence on harder water.

Open Canoe Coaching
Matt also has great experience of coaching open canoe skills, on moderate open water and class II white water rivers.
If you want to make real progress in solo / tandem open boat skills, contact us to discuss your goals.

We can arrange course fees for individuals, pairs, small teams and larger groups. Contact us for more details.