White Water Skills for Sea Kayakers

A white water kayak coaching / adventure course, ideal for active sea kayakers.
Building on existing sea kayak skills, we’ll develop new white water techniques that will reveal a wonderful new white water playground – and will also transform your tide race paddling!

Venue: Snowdonia North Wales
Duration: 5 days
Coach: Student ratio: 1: 4
Course Fee: £360

2020 Course Dates:

7-11 October SPACES

If you’re a confident sea kayaker, with a desire to learn and develop white water skills
(in short WW kayaks), this is the course for you.

If you already have class II white water skills, and are looking to fine-tune your foundations skills for more challenging water, you’ll get a great deal from this engaging and enjoyable course.

There are no formal British Canoeing aims during this course, although the skills and experience gained are useful for anyone preparing for the moderate water white water kayak leader award.

Why ‘white water skills for sea kayakers’?
Sea kayakers have many skills that are relevant and useful in the white water environment.
As active paddlers on the sea and on rivers, we understand that these skills – if coached in the right way – transfer very quickly to a new boat and new environment.

In short, we can accelerate your progress in this exciting sport, and you’ll reap the rewards in your rough water sea kayaking skills!

If you’re looking to enjoy new paddlesport adventures, keen to refine existing white water skills, or simply want to paddle better in coastal tidal waters, this training / adventure week will meet your aims.


What will the course cover?
We’ll focus on the following key areas of skill development:

  • Foundation skills in short kayaks for class II-III rivers: balance, connections, blade awareness, power
  • Core white water moves: crossing eddy lines, paddling through waves and holes, selecting and paddling good lines
  • White water play: surfing waves, enjoying friendly river holes, linking eddies
  • White water safety: a positive approach to staying safe on the rivers

This course will be based in Snowdonia North Wales, with access to classic river sections of the Llugwy, Tryweryn,
Glaslyn, Conwy, Dee – and other great Welsh rivers. We can also access the tidal rapids of the Swellies and Stanley Embankment, and will make use of any suitable North Wales surf conditions.

A few days before the course we’ll agree a meeting place for our first day afloat, according to conditions.
This will likely be in the Capel Curig area of Snowdonia, to give us easy access to the various possible coaching venues.