About Nick

I’m Nick Cunliffe, one half of Kayak Essentials!

I’m an active kayaker / coach, based in North Wales. I’ve been paddling for about 30 years and owe many rewarding experiences to my involvement in the sport. Snowdonia and Anglesey are amazing adventure playgrounds,
with a wonderful outdoor community and a real sense of place.

I’m a British Canoeing sea kayak Coach, with 10 years experience at the National Watersports Centre for Wales,
and 10 years with my Snowdonia adventure sports coaching centre.

During the last 10 years I also grew Kayak Essentials, focusing on quality coaching experiences, and furthering my coaching / guiding experience in North / South America & continental Europe.

Today I offer sea kayak coaching and guiding, with my partner Kelly, in our Anglesey home waters and around the world.

I’m motivated to help my clients gain greater independence, build confidence and achieve their goals.
I believe in coaching that enhances long-term skill development and independent learning, while maximising the amazing fun that we can have ‘messing around in boats’. Come and join me!

My coaching experience includes course delivery at every level of the British Canoeing scheme. I have also coached leaders and instructors in other paddling communities around the world. I believe that effective coaching places the student at the centre of the experience, and continue to educate myself with study into many coaching issues.

I value my interactions with all my students, and look forward to meeting you on a future coaching course.
For more information, contact me at: nick@kayakessentials.co.uk

British Canoeing qualifications

Level 5 Sea Kayak Coach: advanced water

White Water Kayak Coach: advanced water
Open Canoe Coach: moderate water
Surf Kayak Coach: moderate water

British Canoeing Course Provider

Sea Kayak Leader (moderate / advanced water) Course Director
Core Coach & Sea Kayak Coach (moderate / advanced water) Tutor / Assessor

Personal Performance Awards Provider: Sea Kayak / Coastal Sea Kayak / Advanced Sea Kayak award
Guide Module Course Director: Leadership, Trip Planning, Camp Craft & Expedition Skills

Other outdoor certifications:

UK Mountain Leader (summer) / UK Rock Climbing Instructor

Academic Qualifications: 

BA (Hons) 2:1 Sport Health & Physical Education