Sea Kayak Leader Assessment – Moderate Water

Venue: Anglesey North Wales
Max. assessor: candidate ratio: 1: 3
Course Fee: £210

Duration: 1 day / 2 days *
* assessment duration depends on candidate numbers:
1-2 candidates: 1 day / 3+ candidates: 2 days

2022 Course Dates: some availability in Spring / Autumn 2022

Kayak Essentials Sea Kayak Leader Assessment Guidance 2022 PDF Download

The British Canoeing Sea Kayak Leader Award will be assessed in moderate sea conditions.
A variety of venues will be used and will make best use of the sea conditions around the Anglesey coastline.

The assessment will include personal paddling, journeying, leadership, navigation, tidal planning, equipment issues, safety / rescue skills and other knowledge areas. Please read British Canoeing award guidance for further details.

British Canoeing Registration:
To attend an assessment course, first register with British Canoeing – we can only confirm candidates who have completed this step. Further information is available on the British Canoeing website.

The following prerequisites for assessment are required:

  • 24+ independent sea kayaking days in moderate-water UK sea conditions
  • BC Coastal Navigation & Tidal Planning
  • 16-hour (2 day) First Aid certificate (inc CPR) within last 3 years
  • Safeguarding Training (BC online course may be suitable)
  • British Canoeing Online Registration

Once registered with British Canoeing, candidates can book place on an assessment course – please send us your British Canoeing Registration Certificate at time of booking.

Course Availability & Format
We have some course date availability in Spring / Autumn 2022.
In 2022, we request that candidates take the following steps:

  1. Contact us for available dates (see KE assessment guidelines PDF download)
  2. Arrange your visit to Anglesey North Wales
  3. Organise a suitable group of 3-4 padders able paddle a sea kayak journey in moderate sea conditions.
  4. Confirm these elements are in place – we will organise an assessment following British Canoeing guidelines.

You are welcome to combine with other candidate(s), to complete the assessment on the same agreed dates. If you are not able to combine with other candidates, we will notify you if we are able to combine with other assessment candidates.

It is possible that assessments may be cancelled 48 hours prior to the agreed date, if conditions are unlikely to meet the British Canoeing award remit. In such cases, course fees will be refunded and alternative dates agreed.

British Canoeing Sea Kayak Leader Guidance PDF Download

British Canoeing Sea Kayak Leader Checklist PDF Download