Essential Women’s Sea Kayak Weekend – 2024

Huge thanks to all the wonderful people that made our 2023 event such a success!
We were delighted to organise a successful and enjoyable event in fantastic weather and great paddling conditions.

This years event will take place over the weekend of the 19-21 July.

What’s it about?
We are excited to offer the 6th Essential Sea Kayak Coaching Weekend, exclusively for female sea kayakers.

We’re combining all the fun, adventure and learning of our popular coaching weekends – with some of the UK’s most talented, motivated and experienced female sea kayak coaches.

Join us to develop your sea kayaking skills on Anglesey’s fantastic coastline, in a single-gender learning environment.

As always, we limit group numbers for safety, enjoyment and learning. With no more than six paddlers per group  we offer the coaching experience of a dedicated course with the atmosphere of a larger event.

If you’re looking for quality coaching in a supportive environment – with great social fun each evening –
this is the weekend for you!

Is it for me?
We recommend confidence paddling in open water conditions – if you’re ready to develop moderate water sea kayaking skills (or beyond), we’re delighted to welcome you to the Essential Women’s Sea Kayak Coaching Weekend.

The fantastic sea kayaking environment of Anglesey, North Wales. 360 degrees of high quality coastline, tide races, rocky coves and islands, surf beaches – it’s all here!

We recommend Anglesey Outdoors – – who have private rooms, bunk house, camping and an onsite bar & catering. We will be based at Anglesey Outdoors for the weekend and will meet you there each day.  

Who are the coaches?
The coaching team will be announced soon – rest assured we will have an excellent line up of talented coaches.

What’s the cost?
In 2024, 3 full days of dedicated sea kayak coaching, with a maximum group size of 6:
£240 (not including accommodation or equipment provision) That’s only £80 per day. 

What does the programme look like?

We have made some changes this year and instead of offering individual sessions each day we are allowing you to join a group with similar aims and allowing you and your coach to shape the day how best fits the team.

We have created some focus around 4 themes. (see below for description of Moderate and Advanced water conditions)

Moving into Moderate

If you want to paddle with confidence and efficiency in moderate conditions, to control your kayak with accuracy and efficiency – this theme will focus on essential skills for dynamic waters. We’ll take a progressive approach, building your skills for a variety of conditions. If you paddle as a member of a led group and/or have previously restricted your sea kayaking adventures to relatively calm conditions (BFT. force 2-3) come and join this team for an amazing weekend. 

Advancing to Advanced

If you are happy in moderate conditions and wish to move into advanced ones this is the theme for you. Over the tree days you will focus on applying foundation skills to more challenging conditions. You’ll develop technical skills, decision-making and increased confidence in exciting paddling environments. This is a great step from moderate water to advanced water. If you’re an independent paddler in moderate conditions (up to BFT. Force 4), and are happy  dealing with wind and waves this could be the right choice for you.  (a reasonably reliable roll would be an advantage)

Ready for Rough Water

If the thrill of dynamic water is what you are looking for then this is the choice for you. You coach will work with the conditions on the day to give you the opportunity to develop your skills confidence and understanding of the various rough water options we have around the anglesey coastline. This could include tide races, wind and waves, rock hopping or playing of chunky headlands. If you’re used to paddling with independent groups in more challenging conditions and are confident in waves, surf and stronger tidal streams then you will fit right in. (a reasonably reliable roll would be preferable but not essential)

Locking in your leadership (Moderate)

This theme will focus on developing your leadership in moderate sea conditions. Expect to improve your group management, safety and rescue, decision making and of course personal skills.You will be exploring CLAP in action, planning/anticipation, communication/group management, route choice and positioning and your coach will involve you in all aspects of the planning and navigation. You don’t need to have aspirations of becoming a leader, everything covered in this theme will make you a better around paddler and group member too.

Locking in your leadership (Advanced)

This theme is as above except it will take place in advanced conditions instead of moderate water conditions.

Which ever theme you choose your coach will make sure you have the right level of challenge and support, as always if its not the right fit for you we will do our best to find on that is.

What is moderate and advanced?


A stretch of coastline with some areas where it is not easy to land but there will always be straight forward land points a maximum of two nautical miles apart. Crossings not exceeding two nautical miles. Up to 2 Knots of tide (but not involving tide race or overfalls). Wind strengths do not exceed Beaufort force 4. Launching and landing through surf (up to 1 metre, trough to crest height).


Any area on the sea where tidal races, overfalls or open crossings may be encountered and which cannot be avoided; sections of coastline where landings may not be possible or are difficult; sea state 4 and winds above Beaufort force 4; launching and landing through surf (up to 1.5 metres trough to crest height).

What do I do next?
1. Select your first-choice coaching sessions – download event program above
2. Book your place via our online booking system – click ‘Book Online’ above
3. Use our online booking system to confirm your chosen theme.
4. Book your chosen accommodation – we recommend the Anglesey Outdoors centre
5. Relax and look forward to a fantastic sea kayak coaching experience!

     Event attendance can provide 18 months coach / leader update

Book online

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