Essential Membership

Welcome to the Kayak Essentials Membership Area!

Kayak Essentials Membership gives you exclusive access to a bank of resources to develop your personal paddling, leadership, navigation and coaching skills. Here we have videos, articles, presentations and PDF downloads exclusive for our Essential Members.

Our Membership Area already includes 4 hours of footage from our popular Sea Kayak Essentials films, divided into 20+ chapters featuring technical skills in dynamic sea conditions, safety and rescue techniques in open water, tide race, surf and rock gardens.

You will also find technical skills articles in our Membership Area – a series of coaching exercises to take afloat, to develop your boat handling skills and confidence in dynamic water.

There is also a series of Decision Making in Sea Kayaking presentations, exploring the development of independent sea kayaking tactics and strategies. We continue to create new resources in the following areas:

  • Boat Handling Skills
  • Group Management & Leadership
  • Navigation & Planning
  • Coaching & Learning

With Essential Membership these resources will be permanently available to you. Membership – which you can join or leave at any time – is available for only £3.60 per month. We think that’s amazing value!


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