About Us

Kayak Essentials is dedicated to providing high quality coaching events, courses and resources.
Led by Matt Giblin & Nick Cunliffe, the adventure began in 2009 with our first coaching video, ‘Kayak Essentials’.

Twelve years later, we’ve grown through an exciting series of outdoor projects, including our award-winning
‘Sea Kayak Essentials‘ instructional films, our popular and successful Essential Sea Kayak Coaching Weekends,
and our firmly-established leader, coach and guide training programs.

In 2020 we also developed our Essential Membership subscription platform, created the exciting new Essential Adventure Sports Podcast series, and built a growing band of followers at our Kayak Essentials YouTube channel.

We continue to develop ideas and projects that further enhance the quality of our coaching courses and resources,
and are excited for Kayak Essentials’ next ten years or growth and development.

We’ve coached together throughout the UK, in Scandinavia and in North / South America; we make a great coaching team, with complementary skills that get the best from our students.

You can read Nick’s and Matt’s bio pages here. Come join us for a fun, educating and inspiring experience afloat!